New Beginnings

New Beginnings


     As I’m sitting in the outpost writing this, I can’t help but think about how quickly life can change. We relocated to the moon base and are still adjusting to life here. At times, it feels like we’re caught between worlds; like we’re in limbo. I don’t know how to explain it, but I think sometimes that feeling comes up when you make big changes (or when big changes happen for you).

     To be fair, we are still renovating the living space in the outpost which means we’ve been sleeping on our ship. Hillsy is working tirelessly every day to make this place feel like home for us and I have no doubt that once we finally settle in, we’re going to love living here. We moved up here to be fully immersed in the moon base project and there’s lots of work to be done but we’re excited to keep making progress and to begin this new chapter of our lives together.

     That being said, we’ve been going, going, going since we got here, so I convinced Hillsy to finally take this weekend off to relax. Most days we work on the base or the outpost during the day and then we’ll work on putting together these Wanderbook posts and Bliss Board blog updates after.

     It took a bit of back and forth before we decided how we wanted to start releasing and archiving these Wanderbook posts, but ultimately we thought it would be best to start with the first star system we experienced, which is the Sonwil system in the Andromeda galaxy.

     Although our journey began on Etartha, the third planet from their central star, we got to see, experience and learn about each planet, their moons, and how the Sonwil Empire utilizes them. We’re eager to declassify and share about some of the advanced civilizations and groundbreaking technology we’ve marveled at across the cosmos.

     We just released our first few posts on the Wanderbook! They are live so you can check them out now. The first post is an overview of the Sonwil System, the next few posts talk about Mirri, the first planet closest to the central star, and some of the ways that the Sonwil Empire utilizes an inhospitable and hostile environment like Mirri to its advantage.

     We’ll be continuing to release more information about the planets, technology, civilizations and more within the Sonwil Empire (and beyond), so check back often for updates. You can also join our Discord here if you want to chat more about the Wanderbook, the moon base or if you have any questions about what we’ve shared.

     Thanks for your time in reading this and we hope you have a beautiful weekend wherever you are! Take some time off (if you can) to enjoy it :)


     Lots of love,

     Xela, Hillsy & Marshall


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