Hyperflux Stellar Batteries

Hyperflux Stellar Batteries

[Redacted], the clean energy corporation, is partnered with [Redacted], an advanced tech company based in the Andromeda galaxy that created Hyperflux Stellar Batteries. These batteries help power numerous planets and colonies within the Sonwil Empire and throughout the Andromeda galaxy, with plans for expansion.

The Hyperflux Battery uses a pocket dimension generated within its core to store energy from the star (harnessed by the Solar Surge Satellites), which greatly reduces the weight and mass needed to store massive quantities of energy. We placed a person measuring 1.83 meters (or 6 feet) tall for reference in this image. 

A single Hyperflux Battery is enough to power entire planets the size of Earth – all with clean, renewable energy from the central Sonwil star. The battery plugs into the Hyperflux Transmitters, which then distributes electricity wirelessly.


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