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What is GTB? Is this real?

Going the Blisstance is a multimodal sci-fi story created by Hillsy and Xela.


What is Going the Blisstance about?

Two married time-travelers, Hillsy and Xela, start a channel called Going the Blisstance to document moments from their life on the moon while they carry out important tasks and projects together.

Their biggest undertaking is the creation of Ward & Cliff Station, a colossal lunar city and space station which is currently under construction. 

If they aren't working on W&C Station, Hillsy and Xela are usually creating art or write ups for The Wanderbook; a digital archive of mind-blowing things they've encountered in the future. 

For more about the ups and downs of life on the moon and a behind-the-scenes look into the creation of Wanderbook posts and W&C Station, check out Going the Blisstance on YouTube.


Will there be a book?

The Wanderbook will first be released here in a series of archived drops that you can follow along with. Eventually, it will be compiled into an encyclopedia style book as well.

The first book in Xela’s sci-fi series inspired by things from The Wanderbook is in the process of being written.

Check back often as we are regularly updating GoingtheBlisstance.com with new posts and stories to follow.

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How can I support this?

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-Hillsy & Xela, GTB