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Are you really time-travelers? Is any of this real? What is GTB?


Going the Blisstance is an ongoing multimodal story created by husband-and-wife-team, Hillsy and Xela. 


What is Going the Blisstance about?


Going the Blisstance follows time-travelers, Hillsy and Xela, as they adjust to their new life on the moon together. 

Hillsy, an inventor, and Xela, a writer, are not your average time-travelers. They aren't from the future, past or another planet -- they are people from Earth who became time-travelers by accident.

Their lives were forever changed one early spring morning in 2021 when a device Hillsy built was activated for the very first time, generating a seemingly-impossible (and unintended) outcome.



Hillsy, Xela and their Australian cattle dog, Marshall, were catapulted from their New York apartment into another reality completely. They ended up on a planet called Etartha (somewhere in the Andromeda galaxy) in a futuristic time-period referred to as “The Blisstance.”

Hillsy and Xela spent years exploring “The Blisstance” and other alien civilizations within the Tri-galactic Republic before returning home in a time-traveling spaceship.

However, "nothing comes without a price." 

Hillsy and Xela are back home, but their mission is far from over. Now they must navigate a new journey: building a lunar city and space station on the moon (without the help of their team).

As they work on the moon base, they try to maintain balance in life outside of their mission and continue to travel between Earth and the moon often.  

In the midst of everything, Xela began feeling like life was moving too fast and wanted an outlet to process and document more about what they've encountered, so they decided to create Going the Blisstance as their medium. 

While much of their mission remains classified, Xela and Hillsy are using GTB and The Wanderbook as an outlet to share and archive as much as they can about their otherworldly experience through art and stories. 


Will there be a book?


The Wanderbook will first be released here in a series of archived drops that you can follow along with.

Eventually, The Wanderbook will be compiled into an encyclopedia style book as well.

The first book in Xela’s sci-fi series inspired by our travels is in the process of being written.


Check back often as we are regularly updating GoingtheBlisstance.com with new drops and stories to follow.

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How can I support this?


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