The Sonwil System

The Sonwil System

Welcome to the Sonwil star system. Located in the Andromeda galaxy, it bears a striking resemblance to our own Solar system. The Sonwil system is the first we explored and is home to a long-established empire, known as the Sonwil Empire or the “Empire of a Thousand Suns,” that has spanned across its nine unique planets and far beyond.


The Sonwil system contains their central star and everything that orbits it, including six terrestrial planets, Mirri, Zerithos, Etartha, Garcideon, Xabos and Ploro, two gaseous planets, Themis and Nira and one ice giant called Einox. The system contains close to 200 moons, many as big as planets (some containing subterranean oceans), numerous asteroids, including an asteroid belt between Nira and Einox, and a myriad of comets and other small objects.


While many of these environments are too harsh for life to exist, some have been terraformed to become habitable places for the Empire’s citizens to colonize or are used for mining, resource extraction and research. Other planets and moons have naturally evolved for intelligent life to flourish.


With its rich history, advanced technology, and unique elements and resources, we observed that the Sonwil Empire had prospered into a major player for interstellar trade, travel and scientific research, stretching far beyond the scope of its own system.

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